Madoka magica crossover likely crossover

Name:madoka kaname
Team:yellow team
Movie/show: madoka magica pulla magi
Madoka is from the show series madoka magica pulla magi

White skill goddess madoka
Madoka goes into her ultimate form she shoots 100 arrows it deals 18923 damage.
It can cause blindness and stun

Green skill head shot
She shoots 10 arrows it deals 10939 damage.
It will heal madoka after 10th arrow

Blue skill healer quirk

She heals 2 allies for 35849 hp for 10 seconds
She can use this skill per wave it only happens if they get 70% hp. (excludes madoka)

Purple skill keep cheering

Madoka cheers on her teammates for 6 seconds when she is cheering they will gain attack speed 50% movement speed 40%

Red skill going faster

When she uses keep cheering she does 70% attack speed and movement speed 60% or healer quirk she
Heal 621489 hp

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Good job. This is a good concept, and with a couple edits, it could make a little more sense. :+1:

And what madness propels you to think this is “likely,” OP?

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