Make a Legendary Hero Quest?

Legendary Hero Quest

This quest have 10 stage
Stage 1-5 have 3 levels (easy-hard)
Stage 6-10 have 5 levels (hard-nightmare)

Rules :
Team Level must be higher then 90
6 Stars heroes only

Reward : 6 stars Legendary Hero Concept (any idea?)


No! This mode would be for whales!

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I mean, Idk…I have one six star and alot of five stars and I am over lvl 90 so…

But that’s you. Some F2P players only have a few six-star heroes

For Example I have only 2 six-stars (Scar and Genie), 7 five-stars (Zurg, Miguel, Barbossa, K. Flynn, Mike, Sally, and Rex), 19 four-stars, 31 3-stars, 2 2-stars, and 1 1-star hero (D&B)

And this is from a level 103 player who has played actively for 274 days (as of now)

Forum Suggestion: “Let’s put in a Game Mode that only whales can finish/compete!”
Me: looks at Collections

Jokes aside, this would be very bad idea. It would decrease the player base rather than increasing it…

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So far, I have one 3 star hero. Moana is actually one of my five weakest characters. I’d drive myself insane.l with this.

Sure why not add another thing for me to do. XD
I am a free player and I have 12 6 stars, 27 5 stars, and 10 3 stars. and 53 heroes that are level 90. It just take time.