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It Halloween, and it is time for all the villains to come out to play. But as we all well aware, Disney has grown a nasty habit of creating twist villains, which is fine and dandy but some of them just perform low grade villainy or don’t represent villany too well (Ernesto De La Cruz is a petty theif, Charles Munz is a explorer gone mad, and the bowler hat guy Aka Goob reason for becoming evil is just too weak) so they don’t make Disney villains hall of fame which consist of the following:

Queen Grimhilda
The Queen of Hearts
Captain Hook
Cruella De Vil
Dr. Faclier

Which is why i turn to you to create your own villain that would help represent evil. Happy making

(Note: this is not for DHBM, this is just for mere conversation)

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Chernabog has no Protagonist, he never even speaks, nor does he kill anything alive that we see. So what makes you think he is a villain?

Tbh I think ChernaBog is over rated

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Clayton from Tarzan
The Horned King from the Black Cauldron
Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective

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Evil Queen And mother gothel!! We need them in the Game!

Chernabog is the devil himself that’s about as evil as it gets.

NegaDuck from DarkWing Duck should be a top Disney Villain

This is not for the game. This is just serves a conversation starter

…there is no way to know that, Fantasia gives us little detail into his back story all we really know is:

  1. He looks like part of the moutain, at least during the day.

  2. He likes to play with the dead on at least one night a year.

  3. He likes watching dancing Fire women…

  4. Light makes him turn back into the moutain.

Looks can be deceiving, and I argue that there is not enough known about him to classify him as a villain. We do not even know if he can only do that once a year or not!!

Also the devil himself… that’s Hades not Chernabog

Hades is the lord of the dead, and Walt Disney himself has called Chernabog the devil

He was praised as being the best representation of evil and his mysterious and ominous presence make him quite a revered villain

… you know Hades means hell right

It does? Really? (10)

You know what the villains need is a Pixar wild card like the disney princess franchise has Merida as thier’s

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Adding Pixar to anything is awesome! :grin:

But the only two canidates that are worthy are Hopper and Lotso

… Of DHBM, idk. Let’s look at some of Pixar’s movies and find some villains:

Randall, Syndrome, ScreenSlaver/Evelyn, Chick Hicks, Lotso, Hopper. These are some of them, I have gtg so I will not name anymore :grin:

Randall: possibly
Syndrome: definitly should
Chick Hicks: No
Screenslaver: possibly
Hopper: definitely
Lotso: definitely

Remembef this for villains in general, not for the game

Well Randall is coming to the game already I think…

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