Make Carl a Duo Fighter with Dug

I have unlocked Russell and Kevin just today and i have realized that in the beginning of his campaign with Carl, who is the first person Russell speaks to?



Yep you heard me right, Dug stills plays a big role in the dialogue and yet he has a minor role in battle. I will not sit by and watch this travesty of injustice.

So please make Carl and Dug a duo so our favorite talking dog can fight along side his master just like Kevin fights along side Russell.


Honestly I agree with you.

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What is Dug gonna do? Bite? That’s very uncharacteristic of him

Not to mention how PerBlue won’t be willing to waste 6 months of work after just publishing it 3 weeks ago


Well, he did bite Charles Muntz to save Carl

But what about Elsa? She was in her get up from the first movie. But when Frozen 2 came around Blamo! Perblue changed everything.

Oh, and one more thing



I’m sorry. I know it’s not part of conversation, but i couldn’t resist.

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Animations are only a fraction of the process of adding characters into the game, and that’s all they changed

I’d also like to mention that Elsa was refreshed one year after her release. Work to refresh her probably started a few of months before, but at least there was some time before PerBlue was probably paid to promote Frozen II

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Dug could bark healing Carl…

But whatever, nothing will change.

Okay, than we’ll wait for Carl’s refresh and see what we get.

However long that will take.

… A refresh for Carl wouldn’t make it so that Dug would be more involved in his skill set. :expressionless:

The changes to Elsa’s animations as part of her refresh were a special case for celebrating Frozen 2. Unless something like Up 2 were to be released by the time Carl were to get a refresh (which would be quite a ways away btw), there would be no particular reason for PB to update his animations as well.


Well, Dug Days series are coming in few months…

Looks like Dug was lucky, he can be involved in dialogues.

Well Minnie and Pluto had that way so I don’t see any changes.

Same thing as Russell and Kevin being in Black Market as just “Russell”. Despite Kevin having bigger role in the combat.
Same for Mr.Big and Koslov. Koslov does most stuff, but no credit in Black Market.

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