Make your own characters


This is like unlikely character concept and make your own superheros but you make skill sets for you or random characters that will most likely never come


A 2 star damage hero position front

Quote: “hello my name is Kayla”

Basic attack Kayla punches a enemy

White watch out.
Kayla now dodges a attack evey 7.00 defends

Green don’t give up.
When one of Kayla’s allies die she helps them up and heals the weakest allie Y

blue Kayla gives herself 846 armor.

purple Kayla now gives 2× the amount of damege.

I hope this will be a big topic thanks!

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Looks like an interesting topic. Looks & sounds cool


I can’t wait to see what other people come up with…this shall be interesting.


I never have made a concept for myself cuz I thought it would be vain. That and I doubt I could ever make one as good as the others who have tried…hmm…

  • Make yourself!!!
  • You are right it is vain do not do it!!!

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I’m kinda in between. I think it is cool to make your own hero concept based of yourself but personally I feel like I’d suck at it. So I’m kinda in between the make my own and it’s vain. I still wanna see what people come up with though.

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No no, I was not making myself well I was but I was showing what you could do not saying ya had to


Huzzah! My vain friend seems you’ll be vain enough to put up a vote then​:joy::joy::joy:


I had to do that to see the votes…


Storm Vanari is a :star2::star2::star2:-Damage Hero who specializes in electricity and sniping.

“If you’re facing an emotional storm, blow it away.”

Entrance: A large cloud forms like a tunnel, as Storm comes out, grabbing her broadsword out by the handle, and getting into battle position.

Victory: Slams the broadsword next to her right on the ground, puts her left hand on her hip, and grins victoriously(basically the drawn picture shown on my post).

Defeat: About to release a burst of electricity in fury, however, gathering electricity over the maximum amount will cause her to short-circuit and collapse forward.

Basic Attack: Slashes enemies with her broadsword.

White Skill: Storm’s broadsword transforms into a sniper rifle, and with one shot, it deals X damage to all enemies(it’s like Merida’s green skill).

Green Skill: Summons thunderbolts to the back-line enemies and stuns them for X seconds. This will fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Slashes her broadsword on the ground in a curved motion toward her enemies, and creates a blue and crescent-shaped ray of electricity that deals X fantastic damage to an enemy. This will fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Adding to the Green Skill, the enemy with the highest HP will be stunned more than the enemies that have this status effect.

Introducing my own electrifying persona, Storm. Now the last name is strange, but it’s combined with two characters that my friends relate me too. I have another brand-new OC whose skill set is in progress.

Anniversary Art Event! :cake:

Dude, did u drew dat? Because if u did, Dat is amazing art!


I agree with @DroneIX

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Very nice art work alongside your concepts! I can tell you truly have potential keep practicing your craft!

In my so humble opinion!

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True, I drew that.


Nice buddy! Keep up with this soon people are gonna rant on your game that is if you make one!!


Cy-Gon is a powerful virus that devastates his foes on the battlefield with electricity and data crushing powers. However, there is more than just himself…

Basic Attack: Slashes his enemies
White Skill: Unleashes an electrical beam that deals X damage.
Green Skill: Roars loud, silencing all enemies.
Blue Skill: Coils a single enemy like a snake, and seeps X Skill Energy out of them.
Purple Skill: It is possible for the foiled victim to get stunned for X seconds.
Position: Back

Unlike a normal Creep, Cy-Gon has more than one attack/defense skill than an ordinary Creep itself(to clarify that, Cy-Gon has a similar skill format, just like the Heroes’ skill format).
-He is also the antagonist of an upcoming fanmade-sequel of Battle Mode called Disney Heroes(BM)-Cyber Attack. Yes, I’m developing that fic myself.


I like the fact that you included your own artwork with your concept. It appears as very original artwork & concept.

I like Cy-Gon!


As @Queen_Kate said I like how you included your artwork. I think that it is cool that you draw your own pictures for you concepts though.