Mama Bot Wrong Damage vs HP Numbers (Bug)

Hello @Polaris
Please look into this bug
I solo my bot but damage number is different than bot hp number

2.15B / 5.2B

Is this preventing you from being awarded the points for greatest damage dealer? If not, then it’s obviously just a display bug and not causing any actual issue.

What server is this?

It’s server 16

And here is another bug… most damage can’t be 3.13 bil lol

Actually i solo the bot so i got all rewards but bug is bug and need to be fixed… right?

Yeah what colour invasion blue?

It probably should be fixed. My point was that if it’s solely a visual bug then it probably isn’t (and shouldn’t be) a priority.

It is invasion red team

The game code doesn’t allow numbers higher than 2.1 billion or so to be displayed. This is brought up every invasion and has been addressed. It’s a display issue and not a true bug.

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