Mamabot Knockback Problems

Over multiple invasions I’ve run into problems with heroes knockback skills & Mamabots. The problem occurs when a hero with a knockback skill, while standing in front of a Mamabot, somehow knocks the Mamabot forwards, not backwards.

I have recorded this happening with Bo Peep & Violet and in both cases none of my other heroes had any skill or ability that could have moved the Mamabot forward instead of backwards.

@Polaris I filed a support ticket after recording this happening to Bo Peep and was told this was intentional. I am ticked off that the game was designed in a way that two characters on the battlefield can suddenly swap positions (absent a special skill allowing this).

Bo Peep Mamabot error

Violet Mamabot Error

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The Mamabot tends to bounce back if it’s pushed to the farthest side, and this means that you pushed the Mamabot too much.

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But why? This isn’t a wrestling ring, there’s no ropes to bounce off of. When Violet goes on her shield roll she doesn’t bounce off the right side of the screen, she disappears off & circles back around to the left side. The same goes for Buzz, Dash, Rex, Baymax, Quorra, etc.

Nowhere in the game have they established there’s something for the bots to bounce off of. It looks to me like a glitch and it should be fixed.

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The violet one I’m not sure about, but the bo peep has been happening to a ton of people and it’s due to timing of her white skill. Bo peep will look back at the creep if he is on the playing field and will try to attack him. If you’re fighting on auto, and her white skill is ready to use while she’s turned backwards looking at the creep, she will use her white skill going left. If she happens to already be next to the boss, she’ll bring it backwards with her. You need to fight on manual with bo peep and make sure you have other fantastic damage heroes to take out the creeps quickly. Wait for bo peep to be facing right again before activating the white skill

I can confirm Violet - yes this is an annoyance! If this is WAI, could we at least have some more details on the behavior e.g. which types of knockback, how far, if it’s chance based etc…

As I have said earlier, the Mamabot is pushed to the farthest side already, and I think bouncing off is just natural. I would like to explain it like this:

Imagine the Mamabot is a ball. If you push the ball against the wall, there could be two results. [1] The ball will not move at all or [2] It will bounce back due to the huge amount of force exerted on pushing the ball.

So like the ball, the Mamabot may experience the same possible results too. I experienced that when I used Bo Peep and other heroes with knockback ability like Elastigirl, Wall-E, Violet, etc. It’s annoying indeed, but I didn’t complain because I know it’s just a natural effect of pushing.

I firmly believe that it should be your duty to choose more appropriate teams that can utilize the knockback skill perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll get the same results.

I realize this is what’s happening, but it makes no sense based on the visuals and logically shouldn’t happen. Bo Peep is facing the other way with her back to the Mamabot, but because she’s too close to the Mamabot if she uses her white skill it will all of a sudden yank the Mamabot from behind her to infront of her? That just doesn’t make any sense.

Why is it my duty to memorize all the specific instances where the game doesn’t work like the rest of the game? I have killed creeps off-screen either due to knockbacks or their own skills taking them off screen. Why in this one instance does the Mamabot turn into a bouncy ball and the game area turn into a wrestling ring?

If this is what the game designers intend, they need to make this known. That is the whole point of this thread, me asking “is this intentional?”

Question: would it be more annoying for Mama Bot to appear at the back of the screen, near all your back line, just following Violet? :thinking:

Oh I completely agree it’s annoying and really shouldn’t be the case. It’s just the workaround we’ve come to find that works. I agree it should be fixed.

Her shields help keep Goofy & Dash alive and her shield roll helps clear out brutes

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Violet has a variety of useful scenarios. If I had the money to spend, I would keep her upgraded.

It’s likely is a glitch. This reminds me of Ninja or Dschini in Dragon Soul. Being turned by an interaction or opponent’s skill and firing or hitting the opposite side.

Pole masters skill set is very similar to BoPeep. I thinks he’s the blue print for her charakter. If I remember correctly because I haven’t used him much thus he was way weaker than BoPeep he could be turned, too. Maybe anyone can confirm.

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