Mary Poppins Concept

My newest Concept is finished :sweat_smile:. Please note that this Concept is only based on the Sequel! I haven’t seen the other movie with Julie Andrews yet. So please enjoy and have a nice day!

Mary Poppins 

Mary Poppins is a 2-star, Frontline, Tank Hero.
Trial Team: red
Quote: Nothing. Such a useful word, isn’t it? It can mean everything and anything.
Description: Mary Poppins is a nanny and with a little bit of magic she’ll show her enemies that you shouldn’t underestimate her.
Appear: Mary Poppins flies onto the battlefield with a balloon then takes out her umbrella
Victory: Mary Poppins shows a smile
Defeat: Mary Poppins looks surprised and drops her umbrella
Basic Attack: Mary Poppins hits an enemy with her umbrella dealing X damage


White: Cover is not the Book
Mary Poppins dances removing an active buff from each enemy and increasing her Armor by X for ten seconds.
Enemies without buffs are charmed for five seconds.
The charm has a chance to fail against enemies above Level X.

Green: The Place where lost Things go
Mary Poppins sings increasing all allies’ Armor by X and stealing X Skill Power from enemies below 50% of their Max HP she gives to herself.

Blue: Magical Nanny
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Mary Poppins blows soap bubbles on the battlefield dealing X damage over seven seconds to all enemies plus X Extra Damage to buffed enemies.

Purple: Everything is possible…
When Mary Poppins falls below 30% of her Max HP the first time in the wave she gains three Stacks of Hardy, gains +X Skill Power and heals herself with X HP over five seconds.

Red: …Even the impossible
Everything is possible… now heals all allies with 50% of the healing done to Mary Poppins and grants each of them a Stack of Hardy.

Allies with decreased Skill Power or Basic Damage also gain X Armor and Y Reality.

The Stacks of Hardy can fail on allies above Level X.

+X Basic Damage
+X Reality
+X damage dealt by Magical Nanny


Mary Poppins/Li Shang
Always be a Child
Allies: Eeyore, Hewey, Duey and Louie, Olaf
Disk: Your inner Child
+X Armor per Level
+X Skill Power per Level
Armor Increase from Cover is not the Book lasts two seconds longer per Star

Mary Poppins/Powerline
A Concert in Doulton Music Hall
Allies: Chief Bogo, Animal, Joy
Disk: Can you imagine that?
+X Max HP per Level
+X Skill Power from Everything is possible… per Level
Magical Nanny is used whenever an ally is KO’ed and blinds enemies for two seconds per Star


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I like the Julie Andrew’s version. I think a spoonful of sugar will be a great skill for healing and Poppins entrance to battle could be her on her umbrella floating in.

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