Max Dennison

Max Dennison

Description: Dorky and Powerful, Max walks into the battlefield ready to…. Uh… Dork some opponents?

“I can’t believe you made me move here!”

Stars: :star2:

Role: Damage

Trial Team: Yellow

Position: Back

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Max will walk onto the scene looking annoyed to be here.

Basic Attack: Maxwell will pull a wheel off his skateboard and throw it at an opponent dealing X damage.

Victory: Max will scream “WOOO!”

Defeat: Max will fall backwards in frustration.


White Skill: Love, Max

Damage Type: None

(Max thinks about Allison, healing all allies X HP and granting Max 100 energy.)

Green Skill: Trick or Treat

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(Max will walk towards the closest opponent putting a Halloween pumpkin on their head, dealing X damage and stunning them for 7 seconds.)

Blue Skill: Stupid Cat!

Damage Type: Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

(A cat will jump out of the blue and scratch the farthest opponent dealing X fantastic damage and stealing 250 energy from them.)

Purple Skill: Halloween Hatred

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(Trick or Treat deals +X more damage.)

Red Skill: Get Lost!

Damage Type: Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

(All attacks for Max deal +5000 fantastic damage.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+15700 Max HP

+450 Reality

+230 Energy at start of Wave.)

Friendships Campaigns:

Max Dennison and Sarah Sanderson

“On a Hook”

Max tries to avoid Sarah, Mary, and Winifred, Luckily for him Mary and Winnie don’t care about him, but sadly Sarah does.

Allies: Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Kaa

Stat Boosts:

+500 Reality

+990 Energy

Max Dennison and Barley Lightfoot

“Magical Dorks”

Max and Barley run into each other at a supermarket and become good friends.

Allies: Namaari, Maleficent, and Dr. Facilier

Stat Boosts:

+200000 Max HP

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