Max Hero Concept

Max, :star:, Damage, Frontline.
Team Trials: Red.
Entrance: Max will run into the battlefield.
Victory: Max will put both of his fists in the air and jump.
Basic Attack: Max will kick an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Skateboarding Sequences.
Max will run into an enemy using his skateboard, dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Powerline Max.
Max will sing I2I, taunting the enemy for 3 seconds.
His animation would look like this:

Blue Skill: The Open Road.
Max will jump in the college van and P.J. will drive over enemies, dealing X damage and stunning the enemies for Y seconds.

Purple Skill: Skating Skills.
Max’s “Skateboard Sequences” attack will be able to do x3 more damage.

Red Skill: Step On The Gas!
Max’s “The Open Road” attack goes faster and does x2 more damage to enemies and stuns the enemies for two times longer.

Friendship 1: Max and Powerline.
Campaign Story: How to Be A Bigger Star. “Powerline teaches Max how to rock the Creep style music.”

Max’s “Powerline Max” move goes on x2, giving allies a chance to attack.

Friendship 2: Max and Goofy.
Campaign Story: Father and Son Bonding Time. “Goofy is taking his son on another Father Son trip, but the creeps get in the way.”

Max is able to now stun the enemy by using his White Skill.

Alternate Costume:

If you somehow enjoyed this, that’s good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool concept! 9/10
The Max and Goofy friendship reminds me of Mr. Incredible and Dash’s friendship! :+1:

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