Max Mercer concept

“Do the math 6 sodas and 1 child don’t mix”

Backline damage trial team red

Stars 1

Max Mercer defends himself and his allies by setting traps.

Entrance: max Mercer walks in the battle with his pool ball gun

Victory max cheers

Defeat max tries to use his white skill but passes out due to exhaustion

Basic attack max Mercer shoots with his pool ball gun

White skill nerf darts: Passive max puts legos on the battlefield this is a trap when enemies step on them they are dealt x fantastic damage and has their armor reduced by x after this happens 3 times it disappears after 5 seconds max places more legos: Active Max Mercer places a trap whenever an enemy walks forward enough the attic reveals the mounted dart nerf turrets dealing x fantastic damage per second for 5 seconds.

Green skill trap time.

Whenever an enemy is weighing melee Range of max he does another trap depending on the type of enemy

Damage/support: Max Mercer puts a barbell on the tread dealing fantastic damage lowering their armor and reality by x and knocking them all the way back

Control: Max Mercer places a trap that sets them on fire and freezes them for 5 seconds then they are dealt x true damage for 8 seconds.

Tank: Max Mercer puts a vr helmet on the target enemy snaring them for 8 seconds and halving their armor and reality for 5 seconds.

The snare and armor and reality reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill buy in bulk; Max places a new trap sending soda rockets at all enemies for 6 seconds dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies per hit max then gains 2% attack speed for the rest of the battle per soda rocket launched max keeps 50% of this buff between waves

Purple skill diy trapmaster: Whenever max crits all of his traps deal 50% more damage also the legos have a 20% chance to stun

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Red skill Locked and loaded: whenever an enemy is hit by a trap max gains 20% attack speed for 20 seconds and 400 energy and x basic damage for the rest of the battle max keeps 50% of the basic damage increase between waves.

Buy in bulk now slows enemies attack speed by 5% per hit.

Friendship with gadget

Gadget is fascinated with another person who can diy invent offensive tool ps out of ordinary everyday objects so they decide to share each others blueprints

Friendship disk 8 ball to the brain: When max crits max gains 20% attack speed for 5 seconds

Friendship with mike: Max judges a book by its cover and shoots pool balls at mikes eye.

Disk lego pierce: the legos always crit.

@loutre can you make this the next prize wall hero please

So, you say your sorry and yet you go right back to spamming concepts, the thing that got you in trouble in the first place.

And then there’s this…

Now you are demanding your characters to be put in the game? You can’t do that. That is not how it works.

If you going to come back, I would seriously consider looking at the guide

A Guide to Making Character Concepts


Oh sorry but still

Do you like the concept at least

They said they were sorry they had to leave for a couple of months, not that they were spamming concepts :thinking:

The concept itself is… decent, but very hard to read…


I had no choice I accidentally deleted this account for months because I could not watch YouTube because of school account

Better defeat animation description: Max triesto use his White skill, but falls over and passes out.

Good idea I will edit now

See mr toon I do take advice

Others too

You said it yourself

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