Maxed Diamond Crates

How do I move up after maxing out my diamond crates? Which means I don’t get to upgrade any of the other sets (health, money, xp). :fox_face: what do I do?!?! !

For some reason it won’t allow me to upload the screenshot of what I’m talking about =\

Here’s the coding bellow. I removed the ! At the very beginning of the coding.


Nothing, you’ve maxed it.

Well that sucks =\ :pleading_face:

Maybe they increased the tiers later, but yeah right now when you max the diamond crates’s 3 tier you are done with the leveling upping of them :-).

This is something I think would be great if they addressed. It would help people in the long run to be able to get further at a more steady pace. I’ve been maxed on diamond crate upgrades for months. It’s time they address these.

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Yeah, and to include Red and Orange badges, both full Red Badges and Orange Badges as well as Badge Bits of them. Removing Blue Badges and Badge Bits would be nice as well, the Gold and Guild Crate can take care of the Blue badges :-).

Increasing and improving the Diamond Crate’s tier system would be a good idea when the next color rank gets added as then we can get higher grade drop items.

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For sure PB should add new tiers for this months ago… but I guess for good things everyone needs to wait (too long) :frowning:

At least it is a good opportunity to do it when the next color rank launch as then we might get new stuff from the next rank or at least more from the Red rank than what we might have gotten otherwise :-).

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