Mayhaps More Guides

Soooo… the writing bug has bitten me again. I think I do want to make another character guide after all, but I’m not sure which “Role” to focus on next. What do you guys think? I’ll only think about it for a little while, so the poll will automatically close after some time has passed.

  • Do a Control Guide (smallest category)
  • Do a Tank Guide (kind of big category)
  • Do a Damage Guide (GO BIG OR GO HOME category)
  • Actually, I think you’ve done enough for now :slight_smile:

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For those who are unaware, I’ve already made a comprehensive guide for Support Heroes.
Support Hero Guide (part 1)
Support Hero Guide (part 2)


Booping just for a little extra exposure.

Another boop to collect more votes.

Just one more boop. I think I’m going to close this poll earlier than intended to get this writing going.

Tanks are winning…which means heroes like goofy and hades

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