Meet My Friends on the Other Side


Dr. Facilier

”I’m a royal myself on my mother’s side”
Dr. Facilier is a front-line tank hero

White Skill:Friends from the other side
Dr. Facilier summons his demon friends to trample of enemies, dealing 700 damage

Green Skill:Voodoo Magic
Dr. Facilier changes his enemies’s future, decreasing their armor by 70% for 4 seconds

Blue Skill: Voodoo Bite
Dr. Facilier takes out his necklace and bites an enemy, cursing them for 8 seconds

Purple Skill: Back from the Dead
When Dr. Facilier reaches 0 HP he is healed ___ HP by his dead friends


Facilier-Hades: Welcome to the Underworld
Unlocks at lvl 108
Facilier’s “Friends from the other side damage increases”

Facilier-Queen of Hearts: Heads off to you
Unlocks at lvl 109
Facilier’s “Back from the Dead” heals more HP

Genie-Facilier: Luring Lessons 101
Unlocks at lvl 99
Genie’s “Makeover” now charms enemies after they are stunned

Mad Hatter-Facilier: Bad Tea
Unlocks at lvl 106
Mad Hatter’s “Mad Tea Party” now stuns enemies

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So in the movie “Princess and the Frog,” there is an Easter egg referring to “The Nightmare before Christmas” so I decided to start a fan theory: Is Ichabod Crane actually Jack Skellington?

  • I think Ichabod is actually Jack
  • No that is just ridiculous? How is Jack really Ichabod? It’s just not!

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Strange theories aside (not a conspiracy theory but the way, that would be a fan theory like how all Pixar movies are connected. A conspiracy theory is like saying the Moon Landing was faked, debunking something that most people believe to be true.)

The concept feels very bland and generic. Nothing about this would tell me this is Dr. Facilier. He has a damaging white, an armor reduction green a blue that curses and a revive passive. There is nothing unique or inspired with this concept. I have the same sentiment about Bogo, he doesn’t feel like Bogo.

Disney has so many characters that have are so alive and unique about each of them, a concept should capitalize on that. This fails that test in the worst possible way in being boring. Especially with a character who has so much charisma and is so debonair that having such a kit doesn’t fit him in the slightest.

Apologies if that sounds harsh but those are my thoughts. It’s not strong, it’s not original and it feels so boring and out of character. These are the same problems your KH character concepts had as well.


So, I was summoned to this thread which I still do not know how…

Anyway, Jack Skellington could never be Ichabod Crane!!

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Someone explain to me who Iocha or what ever he is. Who is he from?



Uh…i never heard of that one…?

do you mean Ichabod Crane??

He is from the classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

· An animated adaptation of “The Wind in the Willows” followed by an adaptation of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Directors: James Algar … This may be one of the oldest Disney’s cartoons but it is certainly one of the bests.


Alright I’ll explain the details. Both Ichabod Crane and Jack Skellington were born in the 1800s, so none of them could have known about Christmas (Before you say this no the the victory over the Hessians the Americans had does not have anything to do with this theory) right? Also Ichabod Crane died when he was hit with a lit pumpkin thanks to The Headless Horseman (just wanted an excuse to give him a shoutout) and when we first see Jack in the Nightmare Before Christmas, he has a LIT pumpkin on his head and we are told in the song “This is Halloween” that he is also referred to as the Pumpkin King. FYI the dead DON’T age and we can see that Jack is in his 30s/40s (40 year olds can sing, like a few famous singers). Ichabod Crane ALSO died in his 30s/40s. Also when Jack died, he never had a girlfriend, like Ichabod (who wanted money so he tried to get a rich lady). FYI there might have been a chance that Ichabod changed is name when he died. By the way, why is “The Adventured of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” so UNDERRATED (I haven’t seen the movie but I have heard it’s great, just like what @Champion_David said)


Hmm this is a reference in Nightmare before Christmas?? Ok I never saw that unfortunately…




Claymation…ew but I hate those…


Sure they may… suck? But just because Mabel Pine doesn’t like it doesn’t mean you don’t have to! The best claymation movies are TBNC and Coraline


Well I don’t think Coraline is really claymation, more like plasticmotion?


Ohhh I see, guess I’ve never seen that movie. Thanks!


OI8M he is upset now.