Meg needs a slight hp buff

So as you all you know meg is a hero in the game. She is really good but her HP is not that great. Just me? I mean look at these pictures


Would indeed not mind her having more HP to keep my Bo alive somewhat longer.

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I mean yeah sometimes I use her with bo sometimes Pooh

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Even my red 1 pleakly has more HEALTH

@Scary_Minnie_VIII I seen you liked this and was wondering what you thought about this?.

Megara is my main hero and with this post you’re speaking out of my mind! She has a really great Skillset and with a HP Buff she would be even more amazing than she already is!


Thanks for the feedback!


Meg definitely needs a buff, she can easily get one hit KO’d and doesn’t last very long. She needs more Max HP and a red skill!


Meg does need a buff, but I think it should come after her red skill, to see if the red skill helps or not.

I also agree that she needs a buff.

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