Megabit Crates 10 at a time?

Please make this 100 at a time. Or 1000.
It takes way to much time to open 10K of these.


Yeah great idea!

Should be the same for red skill crates though, cause there i believe it is also still 10 at max


I agree with Commander_Donald.
Deals and offers often provide alot of megabit crates.
It’s takes an exorbitant amount of time to turn in crates
Please give option for turn in at least 100 crates at a time. We already have this option on x10 diamond crates.

It’s on the roadmap :) , means it’s coming soon.
Although it seem not much


Yes!!! Open all at once!

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Thanks for the “open all” feature addition! Takes away major frustration in crate redemption.

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