Megabit Crates (open 100)

If you going to offer 10,000 megabit crates in deals can you please add a open 100 button.

I got that deal last week and I still have 7,000 left to open it just takes too much time and is very boring I want to play the game not sit down in my free time clicking a button opening boxes


Totally. At this rate we could need open 1000 and get the loot via mailbox.

Gold crates needs a slider and choose how many crates player wants to open, from 1 to whatever amount of gold allows.
@Loutre @Nugget


Put in the request to the team!


My game actually went to an “update loophole” into about 8,600 opened megabit crates with buy 10 everytime I purchased that deal.

Thank you :pray:

^This. Every type of crate needs a slider as it is scalable for as long the game keeps going. I could see an open 100 button leading to misclick feel bad situations for some players but for other players that still isn’t opening enough at one time.

This would be actually very nice.
While Gold Crates don’t give stellar rewards, at least buying a lot of them can partially solve the hero chips issues (although yes not fully).

My suggestion for the hero chip issue if the team wants to fix it is… to set the “full hero unlocks” in Diamond Crates as a maximum of 7/18/30 and Max Server Level/10 rounded up. @Loutre @Nugget

Basically whenever someone on Server 1 gets a hero unlock it wouldn’t give 7 (for 1* hero), 18 (for 2*) or 30 (for 3* hero), but will instead give 34 hero chips (Max Server Level 335 / 10, rounded up).

Servers 21/23/25 would give 28, 28 or 30 (since 30 is still more than 280/10).

And with that it won’t be needed to increase the amounts of crates. Same could be done with Red Skill Crates and Megabit Crates, scaling the content, not the amount.

EDIT: About Gold Crates… they could get their odds changed to 50% badges and 50% random hero chip. And of the badge chance, the white and green badge chance should be much lower than blue badge (plans can go away) or purple bits. Can even add other badge bits as well in the amounts of, say, 5. Same with Red skill chips or Megabits…

I guess slider would be very useful for ALL crates then…

This was only about open 100 option, if yes, could the idea of a slider be send too? :wink:

Yes. This is wrong to open 10at a time

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