Melman Madagascar


Description: This giraffe strives to be the one who scares… not the one who is scared…

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Red

Position: Middle

Role: Tank

Sex: Male

First Appearance: Madagascar (2005)

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Melman will steadily walk into the battlefield in hopes of not tripping and falling over.

Basic Attack: Melman grabs a empty water bottle off the floor and throws it at the farthest enemy dealing 702 basic damage

Victory: Melman will wipe his forehead and get in a relaxed/tired position.

Defeat: Melman will try to keep on his feet but will trip and fall over.


White Skill: Ready, Steady, Ahhhhh! :fist:(Melman will try to charge at the opponents but instead will accidentally fall on the closest opponent dealing 1030 normal damage.)

Green Skill: White Noise (Melman will turn on white noise and fall asleep. Every second Melman is asleep he will gain back 300 HP. Meanwhile, the three farthest opponents will be stunned for 6 seconds.)

Blue Skill: Summon the Lemurs! :fist: (Melman will whistle, queuing King Julien to fly over the battlefield in his airplane dropping acorns on the opponents. 1 Acorn deals 5047 normal damage.)

Purple Skill: Hibernation (The White Noise ability will now heal Melman 1000 HP every second he’s asleep, and stun the opponents for 8 seconds.)

Red Skill: The King Julien Jive :sparkles: (There is a 50/50 chance of King Julien’s airplane crashing into the battlefield dealing 10789 fantastic damage.

Stat Boosts:

+10378 Max HP

White Skill Does Fantastic Damage :sparkles:)

Friendship Campaigns:

Melman & Fear

“Scaredy Cats”

Melman and Fear try to overcome their fear of… well… everything!

Allies: Mike Wasowski, Clawhauser, Eeyore

Stat Boosts:

+5000 Max HP

For Green Skill, Enemies are now stunned for 13 seconds.

Melman & Rex

“Prehistoric Presence”

Rex is surprised. One person is scared of him… Melman.

Allies: Oogie Boogie, Mushu, and Sulley &…

Stat Boosts:

+130 Energy

  • 6709 Max HP

Interesting, I did a Melman concept as well with the same role but I like mine better (obvious bias) but this is pretty good too

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