Merlin and Robin hood's star predictions


I bet Merlin’s going to be a 3 star.Also,it may be possible that Robin hood is a 1 star?

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Well it’s literally 4 days wait to see, but just for fun Merlin is in elite Campaign so he’s almost certainly not 3 stars i would se he is 1 star and Robin is 2 stars, but that’s just me :slight_smile:


I would say Robin Hood is three stars and Merlin is…Two stars.


May the best man win! :smiley:


:smirk: I plan too.

Nah nah, I aint likr that

shakes hand may the best man win.


I think Merlin’s gonna make it as a :star2::star2::star2:, and if he doesn’t, he should imo. Robin Hood will provably be :star2: or :star2::star2:, but I’m leaning towards :star2::star2:.

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Merlin is :star: :star: :star: while Robin Hood is :star: :star:

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Merlin :star2::star2: and Robin Hood a bit undecided between :star2: or :star2::star2:.
Guess :star2:.


I do kind of hope that Merlin ends up being one of the most powerful characters. It feels right imo.


I just hope he has a friendship with Mickey. They are both sorcerors and I don’t knw anyone who is a young leader with a sword…

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Polaris released Merlin and Robin Hood’s Friendships:

  • Merlin and Genie - Both magicians
  • Robin Hood and Merida - Both archers
  • Robin Hood and Nick Wilde - Both foxes
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Actually it’s the other way around


Actually it would fit more with Yen Sid


Marlin should be 2 stars Robin hood 1 star

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I agree with this statement, but the only thing is that I’ve never seen the movie Merlin is from, so I don’t know if he should have one star or two, etc. Is the movie Merlin is from the Black Cauldron? Either way I still think Robin Hood will have more stars.


Sorry Nemo’s Dad isn’t coming yet.


Actually he is from the old classic the Sword and the Stone…I think…


(20 characters)

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Nooooooo!!! Why perblue why?


Yen Sid?what does that mean?(looks like Disney)Oh!That’s what you mean!