Merlin, Joy and Anger, oh my!

Hey guys, time for my usual questions about my servers new releases. And if you couldn’t tell by the title, that’s Merlin, Joy and Anger. So if you guys have any insight on any of these guys for us server 16 folks please share!

I’ve heard good things about Joy, some bugs about Merlin and absolutely nothing about Anger. So fill us in on your strategies with them! And being that we will get 3 releases at once, which of them do you recommend focusing on first?

I personally don’t use them but I can tell you that Anger is the one you should focus on…

Joy becomes very difficult to deal with once she has 6 stacks of happiness. At this point her shields don’t break.

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It’s not a bug with anger and Merlin. Squirrel counts as a disable which anger blocks automatically. Joy and anger are great investments. Kevin and anger resist the squirrel spell so they have a change to continue the fight.

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