Merlin skill "Teacher's Pet" constantly failing or reverting


I don’t know what’s going on, but almost every time Merlin uses Teacher’s Pet it is quickly reverted or doesn’t seem to have any effect at all.

If I test in a simple spar the skill works as expected for 18 seconds (or something close to it). In arena you pretty much can’t ever get the skill to successfully launch.

1.9.2 Known Issues

Watched Merlin in another arena match:

First cast: hit Hercules successfully and transformed for about two seconds before changing back and using his white ability.

Second cast: no visible effect.

Next arena match:

First cast: hit Hercules successfully. He stayed transformed until his health bar was empty, then he immediately changed back and used his white ability.

Current theory: skill is incorrectly reverting in situations where it thinks the target has died. Hercules in both matches was linked to Megara, resulting in the transformation ending early where Hercules would normally die.


By Merlin’s beard, this skill is so buggy

Apart from the fact that non attacking heroes now suddenly throw acorns around… What is even going on with Miguel’s health? He had so many healing notes on him his hp was permanently full, but the game acts as if he was permanently damaged.

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Ive seen a Merlin 5 star disk and hes unkillable


I linked this thread to the 1.92 Known Issues bug report. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.


My only guess as to why Migurrel would throw acorns is because his White Passive cannot take effect (?) because Teacher’s Pet blocks Skills, and his White skill is what modifies his Basic Attack. (but then why is he healing?)

If anyone else can post data about some other heroes like

Jack-Jack (Elastigirl Disk)'s Squirrel basic Attack (does it do fantastic damage still?) (To compare with Skellington)
Jack Skellington’s Squirrel attack. (same as above, but a skill-based cause to del Fantastic Damage)
Woody (Bullseye?)
Sally (Poison does Fantastic damage?)
Characters with a Chance to dodge?
Fight or Fright
(okay basically anyone who has a passive skill)

Does Teacher’s Pet act as if it replaces the character with a squirrel (with no skills) whose stats are based on the original character’s stats.
Or does it simply replace the character model and Basic damage stat and Silence them for 18 seconds?


Tenacity will reduce the length of the skill, so that could explain why it doesn’t last long on Hercules. I’ve asked the team to take a closer look at Merlin to make sure everything’s working correctly!


@Rin_the_Hateful That screenshot with Miguel is a known issue. He’s healing at the correct rate for his skill, but the +HP display is happening too many times.


Thanks! I understand tenacity can have some effect, but I assume it should be impacted similarly to how tenacity works for freeze or stuns (where the length is reduced, but not nullified). The squirrel effect is consistently wearing off when Hercules hits zero health (where he would normally die but has link saving him).

The biggest issue this causes is it actually BUFFS Hercules. In arena you need to kill Hercules before he uses his ability in order to survive, but the squirrel effect guarantees he can get the ability off unless Meg has been killed first (whereas normally a stun would prevent him from surviving for a few seconds while you remove Meg).

I’ll post more updates as I test a bit more today.


Just did a little bit of mental math, Tenacity reduces disable duration up to 90%. 90% Tenacity reduction means the squirrel effect lasts exactly 2 seconds.

Have you tried it on other heroes besides Hercules? Maybe heroes with less Tenacity (Felix?) If it lasts 2 seconds them, that likelymeans there is a problem.


These same heroes are being charmed, frozen, and stunned without problem. Tenacity wouldn’t single out a particular ability to impact to the point of immediate removal.


Also here’s a video I took where you can see the issue. Note the charm and freeze take full effect while the squirrel effect never happens.


What level is the squirrel skill? Tenacity’s effect is reduced against higher level skills.


Hey look it’s the bugged mickey😂



That specific video, Teacher’s Pet failed because it targeted Jack Sparrow, who had I-Frames from his green skill (meaning he can’tbe touched until he finished countering) similar to Olaf and Aladdin


That doesn’t make any sense. They don’t stop other debuffs. It shouldn’t stop this one.


Dodging works on most disables, with freeze being the only 100% exception


He doesn’t dodge charms or freezes. There’s nothing in the game to indicate he should be capable of dodging this. Unless you can prove otherwise this is a bug.

Here’s Acting Dodgy. It dodges melee attacks. This is not a melee attack.


He didn’t “dodge” the Teacher’s Pet itself.
He “dodged” something else, and while using the Dodgy skill, he had an Invincible Frame (aka I-Frame), during this half-second he’s invincible to anything.
Kinda like Buzz’s ult: while he’s flying, he can’t take any damaged or be targeted by any skill.

Exactly which skills give the I-frame and how long each I-frame lasts is Not a well-known thing.
Some skills have very annoying I-frame, while some skills can totally be interrupted: If you stun/silence Mike while he swallow his Mic, and before he belches, he will not do any damage.