Migration from Huawei and Samsung Stores

It does not affect any other store, only Huawei and Samsung. Most devices that carry those stores will have the option of Google Play.


We’re streamlining processes because maintaining multiple stores do take up dev time that can be used for QoL improvements.


I have a Samsung phone and use the Google play store, how will that affect it because if it makes it unavailable to me to play I’ll be ready to quit.

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Ok then welll cool

Why to save to my game to my panic?

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Disney Heroes Battle Mode is still on Apple App Store.

I was right. You’re still supporting Disney Heroes Battle Mode on Apple App Store.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode don’t have Migration because they’re still available on Apple App Store.


If you’re using Huawei, or Samsung phones for the game, all you can do is switch to Apple phones, and transfer all your data to them.

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