Mikasa Ackerman concept

I honestly felt like dis concept isn’t 2 good. So give me ur opinions on it.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is a 2 star Frontline damage. Determined with faith, Mikasa always protects her allies with her amazing skills. But she always will protect Eren the most.

“This world is cruel & merciless, but it’s also very beautiful.”

Basic attack- Slashes with her sword

White: Stand up
Mikasa slashes the closest enemies with three brutal slashes. Dealing X damage.
Mikasa also gains X basic damage for Y seconds. Deals Normal damage

Green: Merciless
At the beginning of the wave, Mikasa comes flying into the farthest enemy & slashes them & other surrounding enemies, dealing X damage. Deals Normal damage

Blue: Don’t back down
When Mikasa reaches 0 HP, she gets back up with additional Y basic damage & Y armor & starts back with Y health.

Purple: A Promise to Protect
Whenever Mikasa does Stand up, she gains a additional Y skill power & Y armor.

Red: Top Berserker
Mikasa & her allies basic attacks now can remove Y armor.

Entrance- Mikasa comes into battle with her ODM gear

Victory- Mikasa wraps her scarf with a little blush

Defeat- Mikasa hits with her sword, which then break upon the hit.


Keep those Memories
+1000 armor
A Promise to Protect now allows Mikasa to gives her allies additional Y armor.
Each star gives a additional Y armor.

Mikasa/Bo Peep
Strong Women
+1000 skill power
Upon Don’t back down, Mikasa is now invincible for 2 seconds when she comes back. Each star giving another 1 second.


Some of the skills could use some work but overall, I think it’s a great concept for Mikasa. :+1:

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