Milo James Thatch

Milo Thatch

As an expert on the art of studying and Atlantis, Milo James Thatch reads all the pages he can for maximum understanding of Atlantis for the joy of it and the world



Trial Team:Yellow

“Will you look at the size of this!? It’s gotta be half a mile high!, at least. It-It must have taken hundred- No, thousands of years to carve this thing!”

Basic Animations

Entrance: Milo flys in on a Ketak then gets off(Changes At Blue)

Basic Attack:See Passive

Victory:A firefly lands on Milo as he smiles

Defeat:Milo becomes shocked
tenor (4)


White Skill: Study Session

Passive:Milo reads a page out of the Shepherd’s Journal healing him x Hp and gains 200 energy per page read

Active:Until He runs out of energy Milo studies hard to gain more knowledge about his enemies, granting Precise to all allies and studies enemies for the duration of the Skill and grants him 2 stacks of Knowledge

Knowledge grants Milo x Skill-Power per stack , Milo can have a max of 10 stacks of Knowledge

Green Skill: Heart Of Atlantis

Milo uses an Atlantean Crystal to heal the front-most ally for x hp and grants them Reflect for 5 seconds

Blue Skill: Gonna Die Trying! , :star2:

At the beginning of each wave Milo sends a Ketak at the enemies lineup dealing x damage to all enemies and stuns the 3 closest ones for 5 seconds

Purple Skill: Knowledge Is Power,

When an enemy gets studied by any source Milo gains x Reality

Milo keeps 50% of this Reality from wave to wave

Red Skill: Discovery,Teamwork,Adventure
Screenshot_20220408-184732_FlipaClip-modified (1)

Milo and allies take 40% less damage from studied enemies

Studied enemies gain 50% less energy from any source

Reduced damage has a chance to fail if allies are level x or higher



+X-Increased damage to Gonna Die Trying!


+X-Increased damage to Gonna Die Trying!

Friend Disk Campaigns

Disk #1 Fly High

Launchpad wonders what other worlds might be in the big blue thing known as the sky,Milo reminds him he’s a pilot and probably saw things like that while flying, but Launchpad is actually referring to world like Olympis or even the fabled Giant’s Castle , and decide to figure the question out while also taking Milo with him and end up crashing into a party held by Zeus……


Allies:Scrooge Mcduck,Huey Dewey and Louie, Donald Duck

Level Up:


+X increased to allies when enemies are studied


Heart Of Atlantis affects 2 extra allies and grants them 75 Evasion and Tenacity for the rest of the wave

Disk #2, Cosmic Storms

Milo discovers The Genie preforming at a birthday party and his magic wow not only the audience but also Milo to the point where he’s jus so fixated on his magic that he has to learn more so he ask Genie if he wants to do a lecture with him at a science convention about the difference between Magic and Technology and Genie is on board with it

Partner:The Genie

Allies:Aladdin,Pleakly,John Silver

Level Up:


+X-Reality gained per studied enemy


When an enemy is studied Milo gains (50) energy


Amazing concept!

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