Mine, Craft, Repeat - Steve Unlikely Hero Concept


The blocky hero of the Minecraft world, Steve, is armed and ready for battle, clearing away creeps with his tools.

“Ouh.” (This is the old hurt effect from earlier versions of Minecraft.)

Alternate costume:

New Status Effect: Clear
Clear clears all status effects from the hero. This status effect is neither a buff, nor a debuff and is excluded to Steve.





Trials Team::large_blue_circle:


Some railing appears with a wooden plank block at the end. Steve then rides in on a minecart and is stopped by the wooden plank block. He gets out, pulls out a diamond sword, and the minecart, the railing, and wooden plank block disappear.

Steve crouches three times.

Steve’s animation is when he dies in-game. Keep inventory is on, so no loot is dropped. This animation plays the exact moment he is KO’d.


Basic Attack:
Steve hits the nearest enemy one time with his diamond sword.

:white_circle:: Creeper Drop
:sparkles: Fantastic damage: Three creepers drop from the top of the screen and explode upon interaction with the ground. This deals X fantastic damage and applies a 40% max HP decrease.

:green_circle:: Poison Arrow
:shield: True damage: Steve shoots a poison arrow at a random backline enemy, dealing X true damage over 20 seconds and applying a 35% armor decrease for 10 seconds. This effect comes after the damage stops being dealt.

:large_blue_circle:: The Elder Guardian
An elder guardian shows up behind the enemy lineup and gives all foes 10 stacks of fatigue. Fortunately, Steve gives all allies buckets of milk. The buckets of milk gives all allies a 15% basic damage increase for 20 seconds. This clears all allies, like it does in Minecraft.

:purple_circle:: A Full Set of Armor
Steve gains a 25% armor increase and max HP increase. He also gains 5 stacks of hardy.

:red_circle:: Slayer of the Ender Dragon
Steve heals X HP every 30 seconds. A Full Set of Armor now gives Steve 10 stacks of hardy instead of 5. Steve gains X armor for every stack of hardy. Creeper Drop now stuns all enemies for 10 seconds.

+X Reality
+X True Damage to Poison Arrow
+X Max HP


Friendship 1


The Mining Job

Steve gets a job to mine minerals for the City. Fear also has the job. When they meet each other, Fear seems very relaxed. Apparently, he likes the darkness and being alone every once in a while. As Fear looks at Steve’s emotionless face more and more, he becomes a bit unsettled. He doesn’t let that stop him from making a new friend, though.

Anger, Elsa, Hamm

The Emotional and the Emotionless

Disk Power:
+X Reality (lvl)
+X% Skill Power (star)
A Full Set of Armor will automatically activate at the start of battle. This skill can still be activated during battle.

Friendship 2

Steve/Prince Philip


Training the Trained

Prince Phillip, having seen how Steve fights, wants to train with him.

Aurora, Hercules, Genie

Disk: Sword Skills

Disk Power:
+X True Damage (lvl)
+X% Armor (star)
Poison Arrow now freezes for 5 seconds. (+1 second each star; max=5 seconds)

Enjoy S2 E3 of my concepts! I hope all Minecraft fans enjoy this concept. Again, feedback is welcome!
(I am not sorry!)

  • Masahiro Sakurai A.K.A. the creator of Smash Bros.
  • King Boo from Luigi’s Mansion
  • Mr. Beast
  • Jonesy from Fortnite

0 voters

10% armor decrease is not very strong. I’d increase the percentage.

Fatigue is a status effect that is given in stacks instead of a timed status effect, so this doesn’t quite work.

Does “all heroes” refer to both allies and foes or just allies? I assume it’s the latter, but you should probably use the word “allies” instead.

How long does this increase last for?

What do you mean by “clears”? Did you mean “cleanses”?

So when is the Purple Skill supposed to normally activate? I assumed it was at the start of a wave since there was no condition listed, but then the disk effect proved otherwise. There should be a specific activation condition for this listed.

That is a lot of stacks of Hardy to gain in one sitting. Even the default 10 is quite a lot. Maybe a bit too much.

+X True Damage to what? A damage boost is usually only applied to a single skill or basic attacks.


When a star effect is upgraded, it’s by a set percentage, not a variable value. Either make this a level effect, or rework it to be upgraded by a set percentage with each star.

I assume the percentage is supposed to go up with each star? If so, by how much?

Same things apply here as they did to the other disk.

This concept is solid overall, but there are some mechanics that either need more clarity or some reworking to make sense in the context of the game.

You right that correct answers, I better next tomorrow,

Is good heroes concept

Finally. It’s here!!! It’s a decent concept I would say since there is a few mistakes in the concept but still good job

No, I mean clears. As stated before the stats, clear is a new status effect exclusive to Steve. It is similar to cleanse, but clear removes all status effects, not just debuffs.

Ah, I missed that. I apologize for that oversight.

Still, there are other concerns I have with the concept that should be looked into.

I think I fixed it. If there is anything else, let me know!

I did fix it.

…what? Uh, could you explain?

King Boo has won. I will get started soon.

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