Minnie in Invasion

Does anyone know if Minnie works well in Invasion?
Particularly when boosted by Gizmoduck.

I’m trying to make a Red ONLY team for invasion but there doesn’t seem to be a good character to use along with Gizmoducks amazing boosts.
I’d rather not just go back to resorting to Pleakley from the Blue team.

Any advice on Minnie or if theres another good character who works with Gizmo would be appreciated! :grin:

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Minnie wouldn’t work well against Invasion bosses, because her most important feature is charming the opponent. Since the boss is immune to disables, that won’t work. So I wouldn’t advise trying it.

You need a character that deals a good amount of normal damage if you have Gizmoduck in your team. He can steal quite some armor, which is good for normal damage heroes,

I myself mostly use fantastic damage heroes, so I could not help you with that…

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I use Eve paired with Gizmo. Does great damage and can clear all the boss’s minions in a single shot.

You dont need to use “red only” heroes, you can use either basil or pleakley and dont need to power up them. Just make sure to power up gizmo as he adds basic damage to back side damagers

The op has said that they don’t want to use Pleakley and their preference is to create a red only team.
It sounds like they know that this isn’t mandatory, but have asked for help doing it the way they want to.

Fair play to them. I’m the same, I stick to the specific colours each week. I know I don’t have to, but somehow it feels cheap to me to do it any other way.

Yes exactly this, I have been using Pleakly for all invasions more or less since he released but want to make a colour exclusive team.

Alternatively does anyone have experience with Hiro/Gizmoduck? I imagine the buffs to Hiro dont work for the microbot

Minnie revolves around charms, good in breaker quests but MB can’t be charmed so you’re out of luck. What I use this team.

  • Goofy (Je) but you don’t need a disk)
  • Jim Hawkins (I don’t have a disk yet but I would use his Pleakley disk)
  • Gizmoduck (Du) disk recommended)
  • Mickey (JS) I don’t have it but I am trying to)
  • Ian (no disk needed)/Scrooge (Also no disk required)

Goofy is there for attack speed buffs and for a tank

Jim is there for a SoC energy buff and keeping Goofy alive until he shields himself and/or Gizmo buffs him

Gizmo, is self explanatory

Mickey is there for damage buffs and healing.

Ian/Scrooge is there for damage.

I used to use Hiro in invasion. He was great because his microbot would turn the boss around.
But he very quickly becomes absolutely useless as you get past the lower level bosses.
I wouldn’t recommend him.

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