Mirabel Madrigal: Extremely likely concept

Quote: “Gift or no gift, I am just as special as the rest of my family.”
Mirabel Madrigal is the only Madrigal without a gift. But she doesn’t let that stop her. She uses her optimism to support her allies.

Team: Red
Role: Support
Stars: 1
Position: Mid
Entrance: Mirabel dances in, swishing her skirt
Victory: Mirabel brings out her accordion and plays joyfully
Defeat: Mirabel’s glasses fall off and she gropes in front of herself blindly

Basic attack: Mirabel throws her not-special special box

White skill: Accordion Player
Mirabel brings out her accordion and dances, healing herself and her two allies with the lowest hp

Green skill: Gift Giving
Mirabel gives the ally with the lowest hp a gift, healing them for x hp and boosting their attack speed by 12%

Blue skill: Reassurance
Mirabel cheers on her team, boosting their Confidence and giving the front most ally 6 stacks of Hardy

Purple skill: Life as a Madrigal
Mirabel brings out the Madrigal candle, healing herself for x hp and boosting her attack speed by 13 %

Red skill: Waiting for a miracle
When Mirabel reaches below 12 hp, she opens a door and leaves the battle, then returns with full health

Russel and Kevin

I’m sorry but all of these concepts you have released literally don’t match the character at all…


How? Why? I don’t understand

When does Mirabel play the accordian?

I know this question is extremely dumm, but when?

Also, Purple and Red Skills don’t have entirely new animations to them. They’re just passive effects.


During the “Family Madrigal” song when she dodges the children’s question.

Here I point out some examples.

I really think this would fit for an Abuela concept more than Mirabel’s.

Didn’t even give a single gift during the movie. Also she’s would have given a gift to herself then.

Some ideas for Mirabel is something that includes the Casita.


She gives Antonio a gift when he’s hiding under her bed

Er, true but there’s better options, there’s other things in Mirabel’s character you could use.


I hope you like mine Mirabel Madrigal (i so nervous you will hate it)

And the defeat sound kinda scary and i have never heard that scene in the Movie Encanto

Sounds i mean not sound

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