Miraculous hero concept

Okay so I’d love to see miraculous characters just ladybug chat and hawk moth maybe just a FYI these are just ideas for powers and ideas!

Ladybug: her attack would be her yo-yo throwing it at the closet enemy
Her white skill power would be Tikki Call (like hiros Megabot call) tikki would swoop in and fight like hiros mega bot with a health level and everything also when she walks up she walks up as Mari with tikki by her side and then she transforms

Green power Miraculous ladybug! She throws her yo-yo up in the air therefore healing her allies

Blue power: Lucky charm! She throws her yo-yo up again making her damage all her enemies critical

Purple: When she gets down to 0 percent health she transforms to mari and feed tikki then transforms back having 50 percent health

when she is defeated she flys back kinda like violet does and transforms back with tikki on her lap

Cat Noir: when he enters his pole extends from the ton of the screen to the floor while he slides down it his regular attack is him swinging and spinning his pole

White skill: Plagg call (it is the exact same as ladybugs “tikki call”)

Green skill: cat scratch cat noir uses his pole to fly forward to the farthest enemy and scratches at them three time each deal a certain amount of damage but he does not go back

Blue skill: CATACLYSM cat noir raises his hand and black lightning falls and hits the enemy with the most health

Purple skill: Cats Charm cat noir flashes a smile and wink at the closet enemy and charms the for 10 seconds

When he is defeated he sits and transforms back to adrien and plagg spins around he head

Hawk moth: as his normal attack he swings his staff when he enters he walks in then he holds his hand out and then the staff appears

White skill: Akumatized! Hawk moth akumatizes the enemy with the most health making them fight for him but also lowers their health for 10 secs (this will come with a new combat feature thing only hawkmoth can do called “akumatized” with a icon of an akuma on it)

Green skill: akuma rush akumas swarm the closest hero with fantastic damage

Blue skill: Moth king hawk moth become the giant moth mayura changed him into then he flys like buzz does kinda doing fantastic damage

Purple skill: hawk moths akumatized victims stay akumatized 20 seconds and can also use their big skill power against their own team

When he is defeated he drops his staff and looks down annoyed

Friendships: ladybug/cat noir
Cat noir/hawk moth
Cat noir/nick wilde
Hawk moth/Hades
Hawk moth/Emperor Zurg

Alright that’s it hope per blue sees this and at least takes it into consideration until then I guess I’ll just keep wishing😂 leave any questions/extra ideas/comments down below!


Ok, just something for other readers.

This is from a TV show called Miraculous Ladybug.

Now, moving past that.

@Aaron2 Is this show Disney? Cuz I don’t think it is…?


That’s why I was on the fence about it but it come on in Disney uk

So I guess🤷🏻‍♂️ If it’s not I don’t know where it’s from

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It is unfortunately not a Disney product. It’s a collaborative product made by several different western and eastern animation studios including Toei Animation (well known for Salor Moon, Digimon, etc).

In North America, it’s a show that made its debut in Nickelodeon; in the UK, it premiered on the Disney Channel (UK).

Most international versions of the Disney Channel will commonly air shows that aren’t at all produced by a Disney studio. And so, it’s not uncommon for many people to assume that certain shows are Disney.

Again, not a Disney franchise, but making concept movesets are fun.


Yup, it is not a Disney show. But it really fits well in dis topic.


:cry: that breaks my heart but I understand but I can still dream​:joy::broken_heart:

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Oh well,

Btw, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the show? Cuz I really doubt I am ever gonna watch it but it is nice to get fresh opinions .:grin:


Marry popins, Groot, Spiderman, Kronk and Jamba would be great!

Kronk may come mamba not many people ask for him and marry Poppins I highly doubt spider man and Groot will come!


10/10 and I also recommend watching the season three eng dub videos they are great and you don’t have to wait for them on Netflix if you have Youtube

So, ur saying dat Spiderman & Groot will come? I think u migt want 2 fix ur mistake @UnderTheSea.


When will people realize Marvel and Star Wars characters won’t come into this game?!?!?! There’s already similar Star Wars and marvel games.


By Jamba do you mean Jumba from Lilo & Stitch?

Thanks for telling me!

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:musical_note: Hey! Wot can I say except ur welcome :musical_note:


…you do a horrible Dwayne Johnson impression!!!

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Hey I thought he ROCK ed the impression!


That one was bad even for you :wink:

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But I thought I was Rockin it.

Bu dum tss :drum:

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Hrm…whutever save the puns for the pun world. Baack to this miraculous concept :wink:

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