Miraculous Return

Hey guys. You guys might know me or not, I’m just here to say hello again.

Well, I’m Miraculance… Also known as Mircaulous_Lance here or just Lance by some people here… Sorry I’ve been inactive here for like… almost a year… Since I’ve been dealing and managing my personal life.

Anyways, I just wanna say I stopped playing DH:BM last November since it was kinda draining my time and energy and due to my irl situations, I can’t really handle catching up with the game and managing my personal life…

Nonetheless, I wanna come back to the community to see how yall doing and how’s the game is doing… I hope I can be in great terms with all of you… For those who never met me before, I hope we can be friends, and for those who knew me before, I hope we guys can bond again… Just like how it used to be.

I might be able to play again soon… If I can, anyways thats all. :hugs:

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