Missing items

I maxed my jafar and when i came back to the game he is back down to red 12 he was red 13 and i enhanced all his badges everything is gone i have no refills left and not paying for more refills i lost a lot every contest stuff allways goes missing

Not even no refills nothing left so its not back in inventory

Heyho!You better send in a Support Ticket if you haven’t allready!

Yer i have im not pressing anything else on the game till then

How long does support take as i cant play game again till they help me no way am i getting done over 8000 each i powercrafted and the the gold enhancing everything i have a douldle drop and gold double drop what is a waste as after that happened to stop playing

Apparenlty i never crafted the badges whatever daylight robbery i bought stam deal and nothing to show for it

Somerhing happened today i finally pushed myself to make him red 13 again today and guess what all red 13 badges waiting to equip what are the chances of me having everyone of his badges ready

Fact is i lost stam and gold and stress of being told i didnt level him up when i did so u made me craft red 12 again and it is basiclly impossible for all them red 13 badges to be there if i never made them in 1st place i will get taken seriously same as mim i maxed her skills and had to do them all again the game bugged bugged out on me it wasnt connection it was badge errors popping up all over screen saying u already own this badge so i restarted game and was at a loss everyone can see now them red 13 badges are my proof he was red 13 u droped me red 12 and get told im wrong i dont think so i will fight for what i paid for

Nice case closed down on me thanks i was right logs were wrong i blame the servers fact is it coudnt be explained what happened to my game but i lost out

Shame i cant upload game clips here because i have video proof of the me powercrafting on contests and getting the fail it shows me losing stam and gold so twice now i have been shut down i report somethings wrong and my support slap me in face :rofl: i have to move on accept my losses and buy more stam thanks lmao

When this error happens, the crafting isn’t successful, and any resources are returned to you. Sometimes it happens instantly, but sometimes you need to restart the game to see the gold and stamina return. I have researched logs for many, many people who have reported this and every time found nothing missing.

This happens when a player is power crafting a number of times in a row quickly - the game gets out of sync somehow and is reporting stamina amounts incorrectly in the display. This causes the error so the server refuses the crafting, reverting the inventory.

Nothing is missing from your account.

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