Missing Lyrics (Very Unlikely Concept)

Hi everyone. So this is an original concept request by @Missing_Lyrics and I wanted to show him and all of you about the concept that I made about him. It took me time to create a drawing of his representation, but it’s worth the effort. Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy this concept.


Name: Missing Lyrics
Stars: :star::star:
Description: A singer who has great dedication to music, Missing Lyrics is here to show you what he can do.
Quote: “Music is my only coping method.”
Position: Back
Role: Control
Trial Team: Blue
Collections: Control, Healers


Basic Attack/Passive: Missing Lyrics vocalizes, dealing X damage. Missing Lyrics can only do a basic attack every 2 seconds.
Entrance: He walks to his position. (New entrance animation when Blue skill is unlocked).
Victory: He wears his headphones and vibe with the music.
Defeat: A high frequency noise will sound from his headphones and he starts covering his ears.



:white_circle: Noise-Cancelling Headphones


Missing Lyrics wears his headphones, recieving 85% less damage from all sources until he runs out of energy. After he wears his headphones, a high frequency noise will then sound from the headphones, dealing X damage and silencing enemies for 8 seconds.


:green_circle: Supersong


Missing Lyrics sings a song in high volume, dealing X damage and knocking back enemies.


:large_blue_circle: Reading Lyrics

At the start or every wave, Missing Lyrics reads a lyrics sheet, studying enemies for 10 seconds. Allies then gain 200 Energy and they become Energized for 8 seconds. Energized allies gain 50 extra Energy each time they perform a basic attack.
The energy granted to allies is reduced for allies above level Y.


:purple_circle: Lyrical Emotion

When Missing Lyrics uses “Reading Lyrics”, allies’ skill power and attack speed is increased by 70% for 12 seconds.
The skill power increase is less effective for allies above level Y.


:red_circle: Audience Ambience

All allies are healed with Z HP and Missing Lyrics will go Berserk for 9 seconds whenever he uses “Super Song”. Enemies are also silenced for 7 seconds when Missing Lyrics uses “Supersong”.

Extra Stats:
+Z Reality
+Z armor
+X damage to “Noise-Cancelling Headphones”


Missing Lyrics/Powerline

Campaign: Concert Duo
Description: Powerline wants to do a concert with Missing Lyrics. Unfortunately, they have to plan a concept for the show.
Allies: Merlin, Donald Duck, and Miss Piggy
Disk: Song of The Century
Effect: The silence duration of “Noise-Cancelling Headphones” is increased by +1 second/s (+1 second per star).
+Z basic damage

Missing Lyrics/Rapunzel

Campaign: The Soprano and The Bass
Description: Missing Lyrics is awed about Rapunzel’s singing and wants to have a little collaboration.
Allies: Flynn Rider, The Queen of Hearts, and Ducky and Bunny
Disk: Mixed Voices
Effect: The extra Energy gained from “Reading Lyrics” is increased by +20 Energy (+20 Energy per star).
+Z Max HP

Feedback is appreciated.


Wow! Did you make the pictures?

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Yes. He makes all of them.

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Well I think they look amazing.:grin:


Thanks for the compliment. You can request me for a concept if you want. Apparently, I am already working on 3 concepts. One will be released on Tuesday while the other 2 will be released on the next two months.

Still, you can request me. But expect it to be later this year to be released.

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