Missing Siblings

As great as it is to have Elsa and Ian in the game (even if it was a while ago). I just have one question for PB

Where the heck is Anna and Barley?

Surely they both got zapped into the city somewhere down the line. You can’t have one sibling without the other.

With Barley’s questing know-how and Anna’s unbridaled optimism. They would be great additions to the team.


She’s not the triplets’ sister…

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And what about all of Stitch’s Ohana?

They can only fit so many…

But what about Daisy…
(I know she isn’t a sibling, just wanted to put it out there)

What would daisy bring to the game other than finishing the sensational six? She is one of the most boring characters in my opinion. I would prefer Max from Goofy movie to go with Goofy and Powerline

Guys, were getting off topic here.

Beside the other experiments are not siblings, they’re cousins. And alot of their powers are a bit one dimensional compared to Stitch, Reuben, and Angel.

True, but might be a cousin of the triplets I guess

She’s just a close friend. She’s not blood-related to them.

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