Mission options overwhelming


Long time player, first time caller. I love the game a lot and have enjoyed many parts of it. Right now I am 70+ characters in and am having trouble with remembering which missions I need and often waste time on missions that are level 15 and are full on badge points. Could you make an UI control to deal with that? Once one is full hide it? I know there is a lot of programming required for things that seem simple for users. If there was an option for me to ‘hide’ missions I don’t want to spend time finishing that would be great. A lot of times I can tell early on which friendship badge is best for my team and would love to not accidentally start the other mission. Anything to simplify that process would be great.

I really do love the game and can’t believe how well it runs. I am VIP 9 from all the other games I have played through fyber and the other options. Those games are cliche, glitchy, and suck. So many crashes and DH almost never crashes. That’s why I keep coming back.

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The ability to ignore a mission would be awesome. I hate that pink exclamation hanging over missions alllll the time.

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What if the pull down tab for mission options had a ‘favorites’ category? I am fine with doing some work to juggle missions,. I just wish I could do it once a week and restart the ones I need easier, avoiding finished ones all together.

Also, I love Ducky and Bunny, so glad you put them in the game. Their Meriln Friendship is amazing and makes me laugh at how Key and Peele they are. The Scrooge attack from the NES game was a great addition, too.

This has been requested for a year+. I wouldn’t hold your breath. Real quality of life issues in-game are never actually addressed, they’re just swept under the rug of flashy new heroes that overwhelm the already flooded roster.

Welcome to the “spend your money quickly before the market dissolves” app!

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