Mistranslation of Japanese translation

I think there is an error in the “kanji” in the name of Goliath’s purple skill.
Projectile Protection translates to “projectile protection”.
If that happens, the current Japanese notation is “protection of our company”, but I think “protection of projectiles” is correct. “Projection” not “our company”.
In normal Japanese, the meaning of “当社” is generally “the company I work for.” “投射” means throwing.

Please correct me:)

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Mistake, Again @Polaris Pls Fix.

You are exactly right.
“Company” in the context of putple skill explanation means 仲間, not 会社 in Japanese langusge. 味方防御 is sutable for the purple skill title.

I want to point out (Its too late to mention),

  • Goliath is usually called as ゴリアテ
  • Dupity (sheriff) used in user name is 保安官代理, not 代理

I used Japanese setting in the past, but switched to English for strange translation. There may be other cases like these.

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