Mod fragments

I’m sorry but I don’t recall reading this and I went back into the patch notes to look. I don’t see anywhere to earn this in the game so where are we suppose to earn it? Are hero chips seriously not enough?

You earn them during Invasion. They’re a tier reward.


Side note; just got my question answered. @Polaris I think it’s incredibly unfair to release this today knowing servers 1 and 3 already hit the lower tiers and now we can’t earn these for this invasion

Thx for the information

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I just looked at my rewards they r not there is there another way??

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The mod fragments will be appearing in the tier rewards for the next invasion on Server 18.

And S19? Those fragments sent to me for D&B are still not usable.

Please don’t make it too advanced. S19 is too young to have mod advancement feature.

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Server 19 is not old enough yet to have advancement. That will come in a future update.