Mod upgrade pieces

Knowing that I’m on server 22 how can I gain upgrade mod pieces that aren’t purple skill, armor or normal crit?
Is it only by challenger rank weekly rewards?

Blue skill, reality, and fantastic crit pieces will all drop from Invasion, alternating weeks with the three types you mentioned. Green skill, attack speed, and shield pieces are all challenger exclusive.

I really wanted to put green skill upgrade on a ap mod for sully and joy. But purple skill for this two is good too.
Also is it worthit putting blue skill in a ap mod of Jack skeliton?

I’d recommend purple on all three of them. Blue mods on Jack Skellington would be a waste of resources, since the skill is level based.

I currently have purple skill upgrades for joy and sully but not yet to jack skeliton because I don’t have him full stars(i will only upgrade the mods to further than 20 only with full stars and character chips to spare)

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Contests occasionally drop mod upgrades.

I’ve never seen that, and I’ve been playing for two years now. :no_mouth:

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Invasion also drops blue skill, fantastic crit and reality pieces occasionally. Green skill, attack speed and shield pieces are only available in challengers. Although they may change sometime.

Co-op contest on my server dropped mod upgrades once

Uh! That was once in 2 years.
After It occured in Co-Op, No one saw those upgrades as a contest reward .
Though I think We should get Starting Sheilds , Green Skills Upgrade ,Attack speed from
Invasion .
Invasion Needs A refrresh ,its really quite boring imo.
In this current yellow invasion it was better if we had gotten all skill upgrade pieces 90 each.


What do you advise on mushu in terms od skill power mod?should I try to rank up to challenger and aquire green skill upgrade points knowing that is the only non level based skill upgradable? Or just continue doing invasion so that I can upgrade blue or purple even if they are level based skill?

Skill Upgrades on Level Based Skill is a fool work But It can be Good for atleast CW. .As there are opponents higher the Cap
But There are also some skills which are level dependent but they have a special stas which change on Level. Like Li shangs Blue is level dependent. But Blue Skill Upgrades isnt a waste on em

So the scare/silence blue and the effective against silenced purple are good to invest.
When is it not advised?
Jack skeliton blue or green?

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