Moderators in global/vip chat!

We need moderators in our servers!! We need people in our servers maintaining and watching people very closely because we are getting pedos, bots that advertise, and rude people that say they want you to kill them selves in chat! If we had moderators controlling chat there would be less of this. I am a parent with kids and would never let my kid go into global chat ever! This is a serious matter and is probably happening in a lot of servers not just my server space adventure. This is mainly a suggestion for extra security and protection

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There are plenty of autochat filters in global , vip, and chat already in place by pb; in fact some of us think go to far with some words, but besides the point.

My best advice is if don’t want to see it block vip chat, or global chat in settings or block those people all together.

Moderators I would say are more needed on here during the weekends than the game at this stage in the game in my own opinion.

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