Mods and mod upgrades

So we just got an announcement about our feedback on war chat that makes no sense can we address actually problems in the game ask us for our feedback on the lack of ways to get mods and mod upgrade pieces


And yellow bits. Rewards cw, heist, invasion, contest… all recources we get is sucks. I mean 30 gems for checkin??? We have a lack at mod pieces, discpower, modpower, skillpoints, stamina… and we get a new game mode yeah!!!

Oh dont forget the perkssss! We earn so many guildcontest points and we sit on it like… yeah like what we sit on it.

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You should at least put mod pieces for single player contest rewards, that would be a good way for us to get them too


Insert a typical Polaris/Loutre/Nugget answer of “you are not meant to raise every hero”

You have if you need to unlock a disc for a new hero

Don´t tell me. So far we haven´t cracked the PB higher-ups. :man_shrugging: Not even Loutre or Nugget can do much about it than being a messenger to devs… and devs need to have approval of higher-ups so… guess what.

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