Mods please

Someone please give me the effective mods of this heroes…
Winnie the Pooh
Hank and Dory


I think HP Mods are always good. Especially for Tigger I’d take a HP Mod.

There is a way to see the recommended mods for each hero by going into their mod menu and clicking recommended.


I don’t think recommended mods are effective enough

I also wanna know the upgrades as well

Lemme try…

Haven’t tried anything for him. Guess they all work, since he can destroy any opponent as long as he’s alive, and all kind of mods improve this in some way.

Skill Power - Blue Skill Upgrades

Skill Power - Green Skill upgrades

I think a mix of mods?
Maybe two Basic Damage - attack speed and two Skill Power - Purple skill upgrades (not sure).

Basic Damage - Fantastic Crit

Thanks but can you do like four specific mods please

And what upgrades it has

All the same mods for Powerline Tigger and Goofy. For Hank two and two. And for Pooh I don’t know

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