Mokey show krampus concept


“Hears the deal you leave or they die”

Krampus the death of all things Krimah is here for execution of Christmas

Entrance krampus is summoned by the krima demons

Victory krampus does a evil laugh

Defeat krampus gets obliterated

Trial team yellow

Backline damage

Stars 2

Basic attack krampus shoots blue fire

White skill chains of darkness:

Krampus sends his chains from his robe snaring 4 enemies and dealing x fantastic damage per second for 8 seconds

The snare has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill snap of time:

Krampus freezes time snaring all enemies for 8 seconds and reducing their armor by x

Blue skill army of krima: Krampus summons his servants the krimahs there are 5 krimahs which has x hp and x basic damage krampus then deals x true damage to all enemies that were snared

Purple skill death of Christmas:

Krampus deals 100% more damage to snared enemies whenever an enemy is koed while snared krampus gains x basic damage and 20% attack speed for the rest of the battle krampus keeps 50% of the buff between waves

Red skill no hope: Every 3 basic attack or every 5 attacks dealt by krimahs enemies get snared for 5 seconds

While an enemy is snared they have only 10% of their armor and reality

If krampus would be koed while there is at least 1 Krimah he is revived with x hp

There is a 20% that an enemy is instantly koed when snared

The armor and reality reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Krampus has no friends

Yeah not disney

Bruh. Does that even matter

Can you please stop spamming concepts…im pretty sure people have told you multiple times to stop and yet it appears as you refuse to listen


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