More and more cheaters in pvp modes


Well i didn’t know where to share this.

I play on s25 but it’s not my first account. I reached several times challenger ladder 1 in coliseum and Arena on my main account… So i know how to play those mods even if i never reached the top 1.

Since weeks on s25 i’ve seen two strange guys. Always beating bigger than them.
Well i know usually people don’t put same defense as attack lines and sometimes they put really weak defense for some reasons.
But that’s probably not the case here.
Those guys, less than 2 M total power, with 3 lines less than 500k (overall !), just kick ■■■ of 20 M (for 3 lines indeed).
Yellow Zeus with Hadès disk doesn’t seem to be a problem for their orange Heroes without any reflect hero (neither timon and Pumba or Mary with lo disk). One of those guys hasn’t unlock red skills yet but destroy the best players easily in Arena (while it’s défense sucks hard).

I shared that with support but nothing changed yet. They have the names, they have the hours, please just look the logs and use your brain, they cheat…

Those are just trolls because even other players Can clearly see what they do. But i’m wondering if better and smarter players don’t use same cheats, in Arena, in coliseum, in war, in contests, in surge, etc…
Honestly i can’t believe anymore that all top players are fair because those cheats are actually used very easily and nobody seem to stop that.

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Fantastic has no effect this week, so he isn’t a problem for any team
No need to use mary against him and reflect will reflect Fantastic so it’s useless too

I should have bet someone would answer that…
It’s on s25. No challenger so no rules.
Good try :wink:

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I’m not on server 25 however, If I understand correctly you are at the challengers level but the old rules apply (I.e. you take an attack at the top of the ladder and can fall below the line to platinum. In platinum only the top player can try for a spot in challengers). Players reduce there defenses to allow others to touch the top. That’s all you have to do to get the 500 diamonds and the max tokens in challengers.
Rule changes happened for server 21 after we had 200 players in the challengers bracket.

I do find it odd that a few can be thousands of points higher than I am in challengers (all other servers) when I have all the same tricks. Most defenses use stall toons and the bonus points earned against stall teams do not add up to such a large gap.

You don’t get it… -___-
No challenger ladders on s25 ok ? No rules, just classical game.
Both cheaters I caught have less than 2 M total power, their bigger Heroes are orange, lvl 120/125. Just have to look on their guild page to check it because they are outa top player rankings.
But they beat lvl 250 yellow 3 lines with that.
Don’t try to find anything else, they cheat, it’s as simple as that…
Why this post ? Because I suspect that other players, smarter, should probably do the same while perblue’s staff let it go.
I want to warn. If you don’t believe me I don’t care. I’m sure about it and if a staff member would really take Time to analyse what i already shared it would be confirmed.
I want no cheaters at all. I won’t buy anymore anything untill those guys are Free to do their ■■■■.

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