More coco characters and costumes

Soooo… I’ve noticed that there is only one coco character in this game. It needs to change and add costumes, friendships, and more.

First imma talk about costumes for Miguel

This would be perfect costume for him and maybe add a different winning Pose as well.

Now for characters hopefully u guys agree as well

First will be Mama Imelda

Role : attack
Intro : she flys in with pepita
Winning animation: she crosses her arms and smiles
Defeat animation: she stomps on the floor and walks away

Regular attack: she has her shoe and smacks the enemy

White ability: pepita!! : she gets on pepita and flys across the screen dealing x’s amount of damage

Green ability: nothing but lies!!! She smacks the closest enemy dealing x’s amount of damage

Blue ability: you have my blessing. She gives one of her allies her blessing and for that round they heal, gain attack, reality, and speed.

Purple ability: you have it my way or no way. The enemy gain 50% less speed for every time allies are nocked out

Red ability: Rivera family. Every one that is part of the Rivera family gains the blessing automatically.

Mama Imelda and Miguel

Mama Imelda And elastic girl

Mama Imelda and Elena Rivera (coming shortly)

Now for Elena Rivera
Role: attack
Intro: walks in and takes out her chancla
Victory: spins her chancla and puts it back on her foot
Defeated throws the chancla on the ground and crosses her arms

White ability: No Music!! She gets her chancla and smacks them many times causing X’s amount of damage.

Green ability: tamales. She pulls out a batch of tamales and feeds her allies, healing them for X’s amount of health.

Blue ability: family ofrenda. Before her allies are defeated the ofrendas left for them replenish X’s amount of health.

Purple ability: shoe maker. She has an excellent shoe that she made for the last round which increases all stats by X’s amount of damage

Red ability: your family will guild you. All allies gain X’s amount on all stats


Elena Rivera And Miguel

Elena Rivera And Moana

Elena Rivera And Coco ( coming shortly)

Next is hector

Role: attack
Intro: he plays his gutiar until he gets to his spot, then he puts it on his back

Defeat: falls down and turns into a pile of bones

Attack: he takes off his arm and slaps the enemy

White ability: grito: he makes a grito dealing x amount of damage while boosting allies.

Green: My Coco: he remembers her daughter boosting all his stats

Blue: poco loco: he plays his guitar healing x amount of health

purple: Remember me: he plays his guitar and slows down enemies while dealing x amount of damage

Red: were family?: the beginning of the round all allies gain a boost on all stats


Hectorand and Mama Imelda

Hector and Coco

Now last but not least Mama Coco

Role: support

Intro: she roles in her weel chair and stops

Defeat: she slowly roles backwards and fades away with Marigold pedals pass by

White support: papa?:
Passive: she smiles and heals her allies

Active: all enemies get stunned while allies get their stats boost

Green ability: who are you?: all enemies are slowed down why dealing x amount of damage

Blue ability: forgetful: she completely forgets that she is in battle and her forgetfulness creates a shield to protect her

Purple ability: Remember me: she sings which slows down enemies while dealing x amount of damage

Red: letters from papa: when she is with hector, remember me doubles all effects, but when he isn’t in the battle, she gets upset which strengthens all of her negative stats towards the enemy.


Mama Coco and Miguel Rivera

Mama Coco and Alice

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I’d be okay with Coco getting more characters but an eldery lady in a wheelchair?


I’m trying here :sweat:

Work on the grammar my dude.

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Maybe the skeleton mama coco??

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I know, English isn’t my first language

Actually that was one of my ideas but then they would have to change their animations if theyou were to add this

I absolutely love your character ideas!

Don’t revive concepts.

Im sorry, does leaving a comment pull this old post up on other lists?

I just found this post and really liked the concepts. I didnt see the harm in sharing my appreciation for the ideas and the original poster.

If that’s the case then PM the OP rather than being a nuisance for everyone else.

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