More Ducktales!

A great idea would be to add the updated Ducktales costumes for the current ones in the game, based on the newer series.

New hero ideas like Della Duck, (with Lunaris as a part of some of her skills possibly) and Webby & Lena. Webby & Lena can include skills with Mrs. B (Agent 22) and Violet. Even if it’s just Webby, all of her skills can be with her friends and Mrs. B.

You guys did a great job with Launchpad and Gismoduck, and it would definitely be a great idea to add the new costumes, as well as completing the Ducktales cast!


Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy it here! :D

Sadly, Perblue already stated that they shall no longer work on costumes…

But your ideas for these characters are pretty good, so if you’re interested, you could do a hero concept! :grin:


Thanks! How do I do that?


Well, for starters, I recommend checking out this guide for the basics! If you ever are interested in doing one, you just have to create a new topic, create the concept and you should be set! But, first you should probably increase your trust level to post images, so I recommend to read a bit, and like a few posts! :)


Sweet :relaxed: Thanks! :slight_smile: yes I will do that. I can just copy paste this into the new forum?

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Yes you can! Just replace the formatting with what you’ll be including!


Awesome!!! :slight_smile:


You forgot Gyro Gearloose

Gyro isn’t Gizmo.

Hey Dash! Mind checking out a fully formed idea for Webby that I posted? :slight_smile: let me know what you think.

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