More Forum Avatars

I’ve been on the forums for a while, and the avatars we have are getting a bit redundant. @Polaris will you consider adding more avatars? Or maybe even add some borders?


Though of course I’d like them. Polaris has tried multiple times, but they need Disney to allow it. And borders wouldn’t work to well on a discourse.


Why won’t Disney listen to us and give us more ways to express ourselves?

Well we don’t know. I don’t think polaris really knows either. Of course they can always try again though :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for the revive, but there still isn’t any more avatars after the update? I’m confused and kinda disappointed.


They should just add all of the ones from the game, since they already have the license

Polaris has said this.

“Some of the badges we were not supposed to use outside of the game, so they had to be removed. There were also a few badges here that were not approved for use, even in the game, so I had to remove those as well.”

And they had tried to add more to the forums. But I personally think they should let us add our own. Regulars at least.


Interesting. I wonder how they managed to get the badges in the game, then.

Could not using the badges outside of the game have something to do with the fact that these forums aren’t run by PB themselves?

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