More Invasion Tiers?

Need more Invasion Tiers, it’s pretty easy to get to lvl 65 now, perhaps adding a few more tiers to invasion would be good, I think it’s been about 7-8 months last time we had an invasion tier upgrade, maybe add this into consideration in the next patch update?


Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s been about 2 years, maybe longer, since any reward tiers were added to invasion on the older servers.

Given that each color invasion now has at least one hero (or hero combination) that can effectively scale with the bots and beat them with one breaker into infinity, I doubt PerBlue is motivated to add any higher reward tiers with meaningful resources. Still, I’d like to see some sort of token reward for going past tier 64, like X amount of mod power/gold/disk power for every Y points earned past tier 64. (Though I’m sure the scaling would be pretty harsh, like ln(Y) rewards for Y points or some such.)

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People macro invasion.
Giving people additional resources would encourage more people to use macros and push the legit players out of top rewards.


What are even top rewards in Invasion? Some say gold from Breakers (which I find ultra tedious), mod power (which even 1st gets like very little of), pride?

Yes please. We also need more mod upgrades. The resources are too scarce for the amount of heroes, levels and skills in the game. It takes you more than a month to max a single mod. It’s disgusting


Players who want to do better find ways to do better. Legit Players use Macros because one can score more points, get more stuff, and help the Guild.

please don’t revive dead topics.

I would rather have rewards increased especially mod fragments and pieces.

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