More runs at city watch

How do you all thinks about more runs for city watch?

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Great Idea, I agree fully

Yep totally agree with this, more runs would be aresome!!

How can we fix that?

Would be nice if you get more runs the higher level you are, rather then having to get max VIP.

Yep, vip is just crazy. How the @#$% you wanne get 300000 vip rings.:roll_eyes:

Pay a lot of 10k…

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City Watch already consumes too much time.

Just more gold per win, don’t need to spend any more extra time on the second most time consuming part of the game.

Not time consuming at all. Just make it up to level 10

Considering most other modes are 1 battle or you can raid instantly, CW is time consuming in comparison. Overall it’s not too bad.

Since you can reuse the heroes onto the next stage. Just make it 6 instead of 5 and see the effect

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