More tron characters


It would be good to have Tron really and that an alternative costume is Rinzler’s.

since it is very skillful that you have a percentage of dodge and counterattack instantly.

It has a double disk attack.

A skill called “I defend users”.

some attack with ship.

Thank you for your attention and I hope you accept this proposal.


Um…is this a character or a costume? What? Is Tron the characters name?


Yes the characters name is Tron from the original movie made in the early 1980s. Rinzler is the new name he has when CLU reprograms him in Tron Legacy, which is the movie Quorra/Flynn come from.


Huh I wanna watch Tron ao bad…I am getting a really bad Matrix vibe from hearing aboit it.


U know which Tron character we need? Sam flynn. There, dats all. But yeah, some others would be good.


Hmmm Kevin Flynn’s son? Or father?


The son of Kevin flynn. From tron legacy.


Figures makes sense…is he shipped with Quorra by any chance?


I searched dat up once, not dat much, maybe it changed


Tron is hes name search it