Most annoying hero to fight?

Who would you say your most annoying hero to fight is, I would say mine is gonzo when I use negaduck’s white skill it defeats everyone on my team instead of the other one and I think that is annoying because I can’t get past that part of the campaign

For me it would have to be Ralph and Vanellope thanks to their refresh. Vanellope can one shot my team and Ralph can over power as he heals himself and his attack and speed increase at an alarming rate.

Goofy and Shank also are to an extent. If Goofy uses How to Goof and Shank Piston Slam, you can forget about winning

Felix and Maui to a lesser extent. Felix is now a tougher tank and Maui too when he uses Hooked Up


Madame Mim.
She keeps stunning my team members if I can’t keep their energy depleted.
She is the reason I stopped playing the Story Campaign.

Zeus is also highly annoying.


I would say Maui, Quasimodo, or Abu

If Maui gets enough energy, then it feels impossible to kill him. If you don’t have any heroes that go in melee range, he will never use his white skill, which allows him to just keep healing.

Quasimodo is less annoying than Maui, but still very. He constantly gains shield and shield HP. I have come across many battles where I lose just because he is the last one standing.

And Abu can be most annoying of all. First, he is not affected by start-of-the-wave attacks (Baymax, Chip and Dale, Quorra, ect…) Next, he constantly heals and turns invisible, which can be super annoying if you don’t have the right team. His damage output is insane, and I am not just talking about his white skill. On top of all of that, to counter JUST Abu, you need an entire team, so it is difficult to find the right team that also helps against all the other heroes, most of which need entire teams to counter them aswell.



For me currently in the campaign, Clawhauser can be the most annoying, specifically with the Powerline disk.

He’s in a lot of levels, and as soon as you physically get close to him he basically depletes ALL your health in just 1 second.

I personally like playing the campaign by selecting my most favorite character of the franchise from the enemy shown in the preview screen.

For example chapter 54 level 2 shows Demona (Gargoyles), Rocketeer (Rocketeer), Clawhauser (Zootopia), Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland), and Megavolt (Darkwing Duck)

So I try to clear that level with my most favorite characters from those franchises which would be Goliath (Gargoyles), Rocketeer (Rocketeer), Judy Hopps (Zootopia), Alice (Alice in Wonderland) and Launchpad McQuack (Darkwing Duck).

Sure, it’s not the most strategic way of playing the game, but to me it’s been the most fun way. And it has worked for the past 53 chapters just fine without requiring too much overlevelling.

But Clawhauser… man, even with overlevelling he’s become really tough to take down except by specifically using long-range characters.


I might say Ian, because he use reflect at the start. It’s very outrageous. I might use Merlin to stop Ian from reflecting.

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Quasi used to be so annoying to deal with because it seemed like he could never ever be debuffed at all, but now he’s well rounded now. Abu is stupidly annoying though. Even with precise characters Abu can literally wash your team with just his white skill. Not to mention he uses his green skill almost instantly and it’s hard to kill him early on. Chip/Dale, and Baymax are also stupid broken. Any person no matter the level can pick up Baymax and C&D and use them wash teams out lol.


Flash is also pretty annoying but for a completely different reason not relating to actual gameplay. He’s pretty well rounded, but his entrance animation really kills my will to continue to play as him. Even on 2x he’s pretty slow lol. I get that it’s part of his character, but it’s very boring to watch lol. If his animation started with him walking close to his position, it would be so be so much better and also keep his slow nature intact.


Especially if you lose a fight, then it feels like you wasted time lol.


Or you can use Tron to take away the reflect. But honestly, we haven’t heard any news from Tron in forever.


Honestly, I would say the game has a decent job not to make characters uncounterable these days. I cannot name a single character who makes rounds totally unwinnable for me, even if some combinations definitely do. However, if I needed to pick kne who annoys me the most, I would probably go with Cinderella. The amount of buffs she gives makes my phone lag :sweat_smile:


Shan Yu has really been vexing me lately, constantly spamming his arrow barrage again and again and again.

Negaduck is nearly impossible to beat, since all of his attacks are so brutal. (Understandable, given what he was like on the show, but that doesn’t mean I like it.)

Abu has often gotten on my nerves too, for reasons stated by others. And not only is his white skill OP, but did they really have to animate the spit? Come on, that’s gross!

Other than that, it’s the characters who move across the screen when they attack, that irritate me the most. Not so much because of the damage they do, but because I can’t intercept them.

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Clawhauser is extremely hard to beat. Even with Abu in my team he just keeps killing everyone off

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I find Flash vexing.
If you pair him with Jim Hawkins or another character that gives him energy, he is a nightmare, spamming take a number on everyone and killing my team of partially favorite characters (L&A, Stitch), and partially useful characters (Quasimodo,Ariel, Bolt).

I also find Quasimodo annoying, but I learned that Statler and Waldorf can put up a good fight.

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Chip and Dale is the most annoying character. In the friend campaigns, I see that they actually insta-kill my heroes at the start of combat with their blue skill. It felt like that I want to use cheats.

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Easily Abu; unless you’ve got an very effective debuffer the pesky monkey is nearly impossible to hit. Nothing like losing in arena to a 3m power Abu with everyone on your 56m power team still standing…

Negaduck is a close second, but instead of stalling you and being annoying, he just kills you in two seconds. I’ve quit bothering with any line containing a built Negaduck at this point, I don’t get anywhere even when I’ve got a significant power advantage.

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For me it’s Ralph vanelopy bolt zuse and Pegasus

Don’t revive dead topics.

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