Most popular hero out of 5 heroes (multiple rounds)

  • :yax:
  • :Ralph:
  • :Shank:
  • :Goofy:
  • :Scully and boo

0 voters

Welcome to season 1

Um? Can you fix the poll? Or post another?

I say goofy

And it’s Shank :neutral_face:

Yax? Ralph? Really? Huh. I would say Goofy


I done it on advanced user features and it worked fine I will fix it

All fixed now

The winner of this season will go in the next one

Ralph is loosing the vote will end when I wake up tomorrow

That’s because Ralph sucks

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Yeah he sucks I agree with venelope being rude Ralph has got a suckbrain

Goofy is winning

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1st Goofy
2nd scully and boo
3rd yax tied with shank
4th Ralph
(Results so far)

It’s Sulley & Boo
Not Sculley & Boo


I will change the time of vote closeing it is at 10:00pm

Vote closes in 20 min

Vote closes in 10min

Yeah I’m makin my own

Vote closes in 5 min!

Made my own also ok

Also why such a short lost

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