Movie Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog, 2020)

Movie Sonic (Unlikely Character Concept):

Description: Still being a kid, Movie Sonic manages to prove a lot with his speed and strength.

Stars: :star2::star2:

Trial Team: Red

Role: Damage

“Face It, You’re never going to get my power!”

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Sonic will spin dash into the battlefield before jumping up and smirking.

Basic Attack: Sonic will use his homing attack which will do 2782 normal damage at level 1.

Victory: Sonic will do the classic finger shake pose.

Defeat: Sonic will curl up into a ball.


White Skill: Spin Dash (Sonic will curl up into a ball and spin towards the 2 closest opponents doing 3590 fantastic damage.)

Green Skill: Super Sonic :sparkles:(Sonic will turn into Super Sonic and Dash Forward dealing 1090 fantastic damage.)

Blue Skill: Hyper Sonic :sparkles: (Movie Sonic’s Super Sonic attack will now block incoming damage during usage and will increase the damage ratio to 1390 fantastic damage.)

Purple Skill: Gotta Go Fast! (Super Sonic can now slow down incoming attacks for other allies as well.

This has a chance to fail against enemies above level 61.)

Red Skill: An Alien Hedgehog (Movie Sonic’s Spin Dash will now be increased to dealing 4090 normal damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Movie Sonic & Dash

Double Trouble

Sonic and Dash decide to race and see who can make it across the city first.

Allies: Fred, Mickey Mouse, and Voyd

Movie Sonic & Hopper

Tails for a Day.

Movie Sonic asks Hopper to pretend to be Tails for a Day.

Allies: The Beast, Gizmoduck, and Pooh

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Pretty interesting take on sonic, good concept

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